Born and raised in the Essex countryside, and an early adopter of punk, I attended art school in Colchester then found work in London. Through hard work and perseverance, I made my mark in the studio system, finding recognition for my ‘ideas work’, and evolving into an advertising art director.

In the mid 1990’s I took a few years out and travelled Asia, worked on circuses in the UK and Spain, got a U.N. consultancy contract working in Yugoslavia, and worked ski seasons in the French Alps. My travels turned me into a writer and I’ve focussed on copywriting since 2005, but still draw and paint for fun.

I’m a lifelong vegetarian and believe in saving animals one salad at a time. In my younger days, I had a blast playing rugby, karate, and judo until my body began collecting injuries like souvenirs. I took up powerlifting after snapping my achilles tendon whilst sparring, and achieved a personal best deadlift of over 200kg for reps — whilst still being a vegetarian.

Just before Brexit, I decided to switch things up and relocated from the rain-drenched streets of London to the sun-soaked shores of Greece (goodbye umbrella, hello sunscreen) whilst continuing to craft captivating content for businesses across the UK, USA, and Canada — it’s like a global writing adventure, all from the comfort of my Greek villa.