Are You Getting The Results You Want From Your Website or Online Marketing Campaigns?

Maybe you just need a hand with that website content or copywriting project you’ve been putting off?

Philip created many of Gardein’s most popular and successful promotions during the time he worked with us. He’s been a great guy to work with: a real team player, highly responsive and always full of ideas for getting our brand message across.

Yves Potvin Founder & CEO, Gardein Protein International & Konscious Foods

Are you facing challenging copywriting projects or finding yourself short on time to tackle them? Look no further. I am a seasoned copywriter with expertise in crafting captivating headlines, persuasive content, and effective calls to action.

Beyond my writing skills, I bring valuable marketing and promotions insight from over 20 years working in bricks-and-mortar London advertising agencies, producing highly successful creative work for bricks-and-mortar businesses.

I can handle your entire campaign with ease and provide those profit-boosting, customer engagement suggestions you may have overlooked. Whether you need a comprehensive project or a single email or ad, I’ve got you covered.

A Few Success Stories

Gardein: Collaborating with the visionary brand created by Yves Potvin, I crafted a brand voice that received huge levels of engagement on social media, and composed compelling copy that showcased the delectable flavors and sustainable, ethical values behind Gardein’s plant-based cuisine, emphasizing their dedication to nourishing both the body and the planet.

Konscious Foods: Following my work on Gardein, I was invited to write for the launch of another of Yves Potvin’s pioneering vegan food manufacturing brands, in 2022. I focused on capturing the brand’s commitment to creating wholesome, plant-based sushi meals without compromising on taste, resonating with health-conscious individuals seeking nourishing alternatives.

Guest Hotels: I helped bring this group of five boutique London hotels to life through carefully crafted copy. Using humor, descriptive language, and a personal touch, my writing helped to entice prospective guests to make these hotels their home away from home, whilst enjoying the hidden gems of the city, creating unforgettable memories.

The Concierge Club (Arts Membership Club): Through vivid storytelling, and a wry, but sophisticated brand voice, my writing helped captivate art enthusiasts, inviting them to immerse themselves in exclusive art events, exhibitions, exhilarating performances, and thought-provoking discussions through this vibrant London arts membership club.

My track record speaks for itself. Many clients have stayed with me for years, a testament to my reliability and long-term value. If you have a demanding project and want to avoid for-hire sites or spare yourself the hassle, let’s discuss your needs.

These projects exemplify my ability to delve deep into a brand’s essence, generate creative ideas, and craft compelling narratives in a voice that resonate with target audiences.

Some of the clients I’ve worked with

AKG Electronics
APA Magazines
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Apollo Theatres
The British Government
Blakes Hotel, Kensington
Budgens Supermarkets
Cameron Mackintosh Theatre Productions
The Concierge Club
Department for Education
Gardein Meatfree Foods

GDR Global Design Report
Guest Hotels Group
Guest Invest
John Frieda
The Jones Hotel, Kensington
Kingfisher Publishing
Konscious Foods
The King’s Head Theatre
Lunn Poly Travel
Marks & Spencer
Next Retail
Nickelodeon TV

Orbis Publishing
Osram Lighting
Premier Percussion
The Really Useful Group
Rowntree Mackintosh
The Royal Mail
SFX Entertainment
VW Audi
Ward Lock Publishing
and many more…

My long experience within the creative industry has honed my ability to adapt my writing style to various brand voices. Whether your brand is formal and authoritative or casual and conversational, I can seamlessly adapt to match your unique identity.

This flexibility ensures that the copy I create aligns perfectly with your brand’s character and resonates powerfully with your audience.

If you’re looking for unwavering creativity, the ability to capture and embody your brand voice, and an aptitude for generating exceptional ideas, alongside business acumen, look no further.

By leveraging these strengths, I can deliver copy that not only communicates your message effectively but also cultivates an emotional connection with your customers. Together, we can elevate your brand’s presence and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of your target audience.

When you hire me, you’re not just getting a writer; you’re getting a marketing expert who can make a real difference.

What clients say

Phil is one of those rare copywriters who ‘gets it’.

His copywriting pulls the reader in immediately and doesn’t let up until they take the desired action. I’d recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat–this guy knows his stuff!

Jay White (‘Go-To Copywriter’ for: Alex Mandossian, Rich Schefren, Jeff Walker, and Stephen Pierce),

Philip created many of Gardein’s most popular and successful promotions during the time he worked with us. He’s been a great guy to work with: a real team player, highly responsive and always full of ideas for getting our brand message across — he’s a creative writing machine!

Phil’s copywriting work on the Gardein brand and packaging achieved precisely the personality we wanted, with just the right touch of humor, and hugely contributed to the success of our record-breaking 30+ product range relaunch.

Yves PotvinFounder & CEO, Gardein Protein International & Konscious Foods

Philip’s sales letter delivered a substantial increase in sales and we are grateful for his professional contribution.

Philip was brilliant at getting into the minds of our clients, which proved to be a huge benefit to Guest Hotels.

I. Quraishi (Director of Events), Guest Hotels Group & Concierge Club