Writing By Phil

A short biog

Philip Eliot copywriter portrait image
Born and raised in the Essex countryside (the only punk rocker in the village), I attended art school in Colchester then found work in London. Through hard work and perseverance I made my mark in the studio system, finding recognition for my ideas work and evolving into an advertising art director (think ‘Mad Men’).
In the mid 1990’s I took time out to fulfill my childhood desire to see the world and find adventure. Over a 5+ year period I travelled Asia, worked on circuses in the UK and Spain, gained a U.N. contract working in wartorn Yugoslavia, and worked ski seasons in the French Alps. And much more. In the late 90’s I became an assistant director at Dan Crawford’s King’s Head Theatre, in Islington and went on to produce creative work for many of London’s West End theatres.
Working in theatre turned me into a full time writer.
I’m a lifelong vegetarian and believe in saving animals one salad at a time. In my younger days, I had a blast playing rugby, karate, and judo until my body started breaking. I took up powerlifting after snapping my achilles tendon whilst sparring, and achieved a personal best deadlift of over 200kg for reps in my early 50’s, which I am proud of.
Just before Brexit I decided to combine my love of travel with my love of writing and relocated from the rain-drenched streets of London to the sun-soaked shores of Greece (goodbye umbrella, hello sunscreen) where I write this now.
I continue to craft captivating content for select businesses across the UK, USA, and Canada — all from the comfort of my Greek villa. And just a few steps from the sea.

If you’re looking for unwavering creativity, the ability to capture and embody your brand voice and an aptitude for generating exceptional ideas, alongside business acumen, look no further.